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Congress yang saya ikuti sejak mengikuti perkuliahan doktor di ITB, inilah dia (saya anggap zero start)

1.Antibacterial Activity test of Extract from Singawalang (Petiveria alliaceae) on  Sensitive and Resistant Bacteria  to The Drug Standards, ISEJ 2010.

2.Atibacterial Activity on Singawalang (Petiveria alliace) leaf to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Sensitive Strain H37Rv and multi-resistant strains labkes EH & SR, ICCB, 2011

3. SIMPOSIUM Nasional herbal medik

4. In Vitro Activities of Different parts of Petiveria alliacea Against Clinical Staphylococcus and Enterococcus Strains ‘, ISID, Bangkok-Thailand, 2012

Certificate ISID Conference, Thailand, Bangkok


In vitro activities of different parts of Petiveria alliacea against clinical Staphylococcus and Enterococcus strains


Y. Mulyani, E. Yulinah, I. K. Adnyana, D. Elfahmi; ITB, School Of Pharmacy, Bandung, INDONESIA/ID


Background: Clinical staphylococci and enterococci strains indicate the increasing of multidrug resistance and have become a problem in recent years. As an alternative way, medicinal plants are valuable resources on exploring the new drug to against the resistant of strains. Petiveria alliacea (Phytolaceae) known as singawalang is commonly used as the herbal medicine in Indonesia. The aim of this study was to consider the antibacterial potential of different parts of P. alliacea extracts. Antimicrobial activities of different parts of P. alliacea against resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, MSSA, MRCNS, MSCNS and VRE have not yet been investigated.
Methods: A different part of plants was extracted with ethanol by cold maceration.  In-vitro susceptibility tests using standard broth micro dilution methods to determine MICs and MBCs at different concentration from  1-512 µg/mL,based on the guidelines of CLSI standard M7-A6. Clinical MRSA (n 4), MSSA (n 4), MRCNS (n 4), MSCNS (n 4) were obtained from  Bandung Institute of Technology and donated from Yonsei Biomolecule Research. Reference strains S. Aureus KCTC 11764  and S. Aureus ATCC 6538 were included as controls. Time–kill assays were performed in MBH medium and were carried in triplicate at pre-determined time points (0, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 24 h). Concentrations of extracts were 1,2,4 and 8 X MIC for each isolate.
Results: The leaf extracts presented antibacterial activity against all of tested bacteria. MIC values of leaf extract against MRSA, MSSA, and MRCNS, were the same (16µg/mL) , MSCNS (64µg/mL), VRE (256 µg/mL). MBC values of  MSSA and MSCNS  (512 µg/mL), MRCNS (256 µg/mL), MRSA and VRE (> 512 µg/mL). Results of the time kill assays that P. alliacea leaf extracts are potential to inhibit the growth of the MRCNS, MRSA and VRE.
Conclusion: The antimicrobial assay showed that P. alliacea inhibited in-vitro antibacterial activity against clinical MRSA, MSSA, MRCNS, MSCNS and VRE. Preliminary phytochemical screening of the P. alliacea leaf extracts showed the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, terpenoids, sterols and tannins. Thus further work can be carried out on the isolation procedure for finding out the exact moiety responsible for the biological activity.

5. Petiveria alliacea : a New Alternative for Treatment of Susceptible and Multi-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis,UNION – TB and Lung  Disease, Kualalumpur, 2012.

Certificate UNION Conference, Kualalumpur -Malaysia

6. Seminar Internasional UGM .. Juni 2013

Screening Antimycobaterial Activity of Selected Nine (Yani Mulyani – STFB)

The list of my journal

1.  Kajian Aktivitas Anti Bakteri Ekstrak Etanol Dan Fraksi Daun Singawalang (Petiveria Alliaceae) Terhadap Bakteri Resisten, Majalah Farmasi Indonesia, UGM, 2011, vol 22, issue 4

2.Anti Bacterial  Activities  Of  Singawalang (Petiveria Alliacea) Against Resistant And Sensitive Bacteria To Antibiotics, Majalah Bionatura, UNPAD, 2012

Bukti Bionatura

3. Petiveria alliacea: New alternative for the treatment of sensitive and multi-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis,

Bukti JPP Accepted


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