Fews day ago, I have been written in this blog , about how  I feel stayed in India. I’ll make a conclusion for all activity including working research for my dissertation and rounding this City, one of the largest city in India, Chennai.

But , every one asking me to write all story in English language …(thanks god, that they didn’t asked me to write in Tamil languagehehhe), first time they asked me to doing this, … emmmm, I am asking this question to me…  can I?..

So , in this blog, I just tried written in english, I know all of this, we can find many grammar error, but at least I try to express about how  I feel and what the feedback for people in this lab.

I’ll make a story for the beginning I come to this lab…

This Lab … 

The objective of the Centre was to develop studies designed to provide information on the mass domicilary application of chemotherapy in the treatment of pulmonary TB. The Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), a permanent institute under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), is an internationally recognized institution for Tuberculosis (TB) research. It is a Supranational Reference Laboratory and a WHO Collaborating Centre for TB Research and Training.

If I can conclude, This most activities from here are, accepting sample, preparing sample for diagnostic, preparing media for TB growth media, interpretation the result, report the result to get good chemotheraphy for patients.

The other, they doing research project for many purpose, start from diagnostic resistant (drug sensitivity test), looking other diagnostis that more easy and fast for DST, finding a new compound from natural and sintetic product for TB treatment, project to find the differences strain of MTB with biotechnology,  programs for training and research for student.

So many works that they have done , for more than 50 years. No wonder,  departement of bacteriology has the recognition of being the WHO Supranational Reference Labotary for Tuberculosis for South East Asia regions. What they are doing, is the flagship to set the trend for the TB research and control programs nationally and globally. The provide all the information to becoming guide for gobally with provide Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) than can be easyly download in Internet.

How I feel, when come to this Lab?? 

When the first time I come this lab, I have to stayed about 2 days, in their quest room,. Condition of this room are big room, having 2 bedroom, AC, Fan, big TV, clean Bathroom, and one desk. No bodies here, and I keeped thinking this, from the first time I come to Airport.. “HOW  I MAKE A PHONE TO INDONESIA”

and then, I asked the man that brought my suitcase… ” Do you know where  I have to  buy SIM Card, I want make a phone to my family in Indonesia? ”
and then… He answer in Tamil Language… OMG …

Even that  I am  used my body language to explain about what I need, he can’t understand either with what I am trying to askedfinally he”s give up, and he is go to other room..    There is a one girl in that room.
Her Name is Subha…. she said that she will help me to find 2 thinks, SIMCARD, and food.

Tks God, another miracle happen to me…
Another miracle again… she bought me a dinner!!! what a lovely suprised
and, for SIM card, finally she used her ID card, with her picture , (actually in here, we can”t buy sim card easily like in Bandung, or Indonesia). so thanks God, finally I can contact my lovely husband and said that i‘m here, safe and satisfied with the quest house.

To other family, I only send them message.. goodd.. all of them, has already know that I am in ok.
Tks Miss Subha, you are my angel, with this sim card, finally  I can ativated my phone again, and activated my BB internet service , one day after. Sooo I can contact with all friend in Indonesia, with internet service… this is the reason, I am satisfied with BB, it make us easier to make a communication with BBM.

Seeing the first Time with Vanaja.K, Madam,..

I have seen her in internet, at her profile as scientist in ICMR. Small picture, but I only know deep in my hearth, she is a good person. And , first time I meet Mams… The same feeling when I saw her picture in Internet, good friend, good smile, good laugh, and I liked her so much. I know, God give me a good intuitif to make easy to find this is a good person or no… for that I am very greatfull with this ability to find a good person, And I never wrong about my felt.

At that time, TRC haved a Farewall party, because one of leader/directorate of TRC was retired at this time. So I can see small activities there, with the stand and some attractive performance from people in TRC. I feel amazing seeing staff performance.. they can sing, they can dance, they can doing some comedy situation… and I Loved this moment so much. Feel like party for me… Welcoming for me... (hehehehe)

In this day… I meet all people in This Lab… Incrideble… So Many people, if I counted, perhaps there are 400 people in this party… so this LAB, looks like a big place, and doing the research in TB Project.. all about TB.

It”s very differnt in our country, even that our country was fifth grade for TB endemic, but we still didn’t have the  facilities like in India. Just proud, their goverment support so much, doing research in this TB and there are other research institute in this city, and all are supported with the scientist and all staff. They know a lot about what they are doing everyday.

I remember what Mam’s said .. “ In our country we have many problem, and the research that what we are doing must be affected to our country, so, don”t speak to people to the people that didn’t understand about what our country needed, but speak to the peolpe that need our advise

I am agree with that Mam’s…

In this farewall party, I see how they apreciated to people that has been work for this lab more than 25 years, it”s only paper, sertificated that announce if they have worked for 25 years, but still is something that we have to follow…

In this farewall too, I see how Indian woman using their sari, using the flower in hair, and about simplicity, humble, and respect to the other. Good situation for work.

For Training, 2 weeks, How about it?? 

Before, I am doing my research, I have to get used to this lab, and knowing what they are doing. The main of this lab, are doing test for cliinical isolates from patients, to diagnostic, and doing research activities.  So training start from preparing sampel, isolation MTB for sputum specimens and culture,  Culture reading, Indentification of AFB among suspected cultures, drugs susceptibility testing, DST Reading, and other thing that important for all main job, as waste management include  washing bottle, sterilization , decontamination process,  maintenance of laboratory equipment.

This training help me  so much to knowing all process in here. I have new knowledge that  I can share , that I can adopt, and sure I can following with what the have been done.

This lab.. was huge.. looks like factory for me.. TB Factory.. There are many tod do about this TB, and I found this in this Lab.

Research in Here, ??

For doing research in TB, this is the best place, if i compare with Indonesia of course, so this place was amazing. This what I call amazyng:

  • There are so many strain TB, include H37RV, sensitive strain and resistant strain (mono, MDR , XDR), collected from patient.
  • This bacteria, were health… It’s means always reproduce by new culture based on schedule
  • All the material in here , if we are a student, including International student, and training , I think we didn“t have to pay anything. But we have to doing our job and finish all, and publish what we have been done in this lab, so this lab should we put as a part in aknowledgement.
  • All people in here, with smile… will help us immediately if we need tools, material that we need for our research
  • We can easily to find our needed … such as, syringe, vial, effendrof, media, loop, plate, and other, and they prepared in big container.
  • We can easily to ask information  to people in Lab, because they all know what they are doing every day with all theory and practice.
  • This lab, wasn’t modern lab.. I can say, this is half modern, but they can used all the material, all the tools in here with the good project. It’s has been proved by founding a new method for DST TB, such as LRP. It’s good method , and approved in many journal.
  • This lab, near with TB hospital, and clinical isolates come everyday. So the results for diagnostic easy to transfer
  • I am staying in Lab.. and feel like in real Lab, because in one small room, all the thing that we needed for our research was available her.
  • One room to other room connected easily, and in Lab we can use computer, so we need some infromation from internet, we can get it easily
  • All people in lab, they can give us information with full info… so in here i felt, sharing is the most important. With sharing, I know, we can get more understand with the topic that what we have shared to other.
  • In humble to other was great to everyone in here..
  • Feel happy doing all job in here…
  • Feel free to doing so many research
  • Feel… I am scientist.. I am lecturesoooo, go, and find something else that I can used in my future. Be good scientist, be good lecture, and be good learner.
  • My mind was open.. to get more knowledge… and I want to sharing for all .
  • I learn how to be a good leader in here.. at least be a leader in myself … lead to achieve all dreams.

What I am  feel Plus in this Lab? 

The answer , is… The tradition, how they using religion to all part what they are doing. This the sample:

  • They doing Pooja, when there is a new tools come to this LAB.. So amazinggg .
  • In some of Hindu  festival , they are doing pray together, not only living objects, but all inanimate objects, include in this festival. Such as, stick colur powder to the tools and pray if this tools will working good.

If I coming back To this Lab?? 

Yes, I like this Lab… so if there is a chance that I can go here again, absolutely, I’ll coming again. And learning other things, that i haven’t learning on this 4,5 months.

For All…

I am very greatfull, that I have a chance come to  this lab… and thanking  you  so much for all support.

and This is My trip with all staff

107___122 Face of TRC staff



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